Giving credibility to a new brand
Launching in 2007, Mater looked to establish their position as a new but credible player. We guided the brand through the development of supply resources, worked to assess potential opportunities in the market, and helped to develop a complete product offer. Finally, Mater needed a bold statement piece to anchor their collection, introducing this new Danish brand to the world design stage.

Dome for Mater

Our challenge was to establish instant brand credibility, to communicate in the clearest terms— in short, to create an icon. Dome Lamp was a success, establishing Mater’s position as a brand with a bold vision for timeless design and winning Lamp of the Year from Wallpaper* Magazine.

Essentially a globe carved to allow the distribution of light, the Dome Lamp uses geometric symmetry to achieve its ageless, iconic design. Inspired by the phases of the moon — and the beautiful interplay between shadow and light — the Dome Lamp is a classic, at once familiar and new. Its spherical shape celebrates one of the core properties of light: that it emanates 360º from its source.

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  • Wallpaper* Lamp of the Year