Todd Bracher Studio guides some of the world's leading brands to realize strategic differentiation through design. Our strategic design process helps our clients leverage their unique assets to achieve market growth, elevate brand visibility, and evolve product portfolios for a contemporary audience.

Design must be Differentiated

We believe great design is your best marketing tool. Design rooted in insight, delivered in a meaningful way will cut through the noise. We believe your voice is unique and should be heard and understood.

Design must improve

We are here to solve problems. We prefer to focus our expertise on solutions that matter. We believe the world won't improve on its own, we look to do our part by leveraging our ability to address concerns that affect our bodies, communities and our world.

Design must be Responsible

Doing less bad is not good enough. We challenge ourselves and our clients to challenge the norms; to lead with responsible acts that steward our customers and communities toward a more sustainable future.

Design must be kind

We have worked long enough and seen it all. Nothing is more important to us than working with people who not only share our vision for doing what's right but also doing it with grace along the way.

Our Ambitions

Happier Healthier

Studio Bracher is dedicated to improving our world through healthier products, brands, and experiences. We are problem solvers, strategists, inventors, designers, and scientists who believe in the power of multidisciplinary thinking to solve complex problems. We dream big, connect resources, and act with purpose and optimism to better our environment, our bodies, and our minds. Each unique challenge demands visionary solutions, achieved through a deep understanding of the problem and context, the right expertise, talent, and tools, as well as a rigorous approach to problem-solving guided by both rational and emotional intelligence. With our clients and partners, we explore possibilities, learn / teach / share the world around us, and continuously evolve how we live, how we care for each other and the planet. Together, we create a healthier happier world, by design.

About Todd

Todd Bracher, Founder

Driven by a passion for improving quality of life through products and experiences, Todd inspires clients and creative teams to implement design visions that are strategically differentiated and environmentally responsible. He is a multidisciplinary collaborator who applies strategic insights and creative problem-solving to deliver exceptional results at the intersection of culture and commerce. Based in New York City, Todd leads with a global perspective gained from living and working in Copenhagen, Milan, Paris, and London.


Design Advisory

Brand Strategy & Positioning / Opportunity Discovery / Creative Direction / Product Strategy & Roadmapping/ Strategic Partnerships & Acquisitions

We identify market trends and opportunities, and develop strategies where we can leverage design to drive growth for each brand. We collaborate with businesses to focus their product strategy, establishing a solid foundation for growth.

Product Design

Pre-design Advisory / Concept Design & Development / Prototyping & Manufacturing Support / Packaging Design/ Launch Support & Activations

We design products with the intent to offer our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our designs are not simply aesthetically pleasing; we consider business objectives, contemporary culture, and human needs to create products that help businesses evolve and grow.


We use a portion of our time to push ourselves and test the boundaries of our design philosophy by exploring ideas and discovering materials and simply to have fun.


  • 3M
  • Burberry
  • Cappellini
  • Cartier
  • Ceccotti
  • Datesweiser
  • David Design
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Dupont
  • Dux
  • Elica
  • Eva Danmark
  • Fortuna Valentino
  • Frighetto
  • Fritz Hansen
  • Georg Jensen
  • Habitat
  • HBF
  • Hearth & Home
  • Herman Miller
  • Holmegaard
  • Hosoo
  • IDEE
  • Issey Miyake
  • Italesse
  • Jaguar Cars
  • Kundalini
  • Liv'it
  • Lucien Pellat-finet
  • Mater
  • Pearl Lam
  • Pour Annick
  • Serralunga
  • Shaw Contract Group
  • Shiseido
  • Skitsch
  • Tom Dixon
  • Triode Gallery
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Zanotta
  • Zero
  • Zero First
  • New York City

  • Select Awards

    International Designer of the Year Nominee
    FX Magazine
    Product Designer of the Year Nominee
    Lighting Magazine
    Top 100 Global Design Influencer
    Designer of the Year
    Interior and Sources
    Best of the Best Award
    International Designer of the Year
    FX Magazine
    Rising Star HIP Award
    Interior Design Magazine
    NeoCon Gold Award (Asa for HBF)
    Contract Magazine
    NeoCon Gold Award (Triscape for HBF)
    Contract Magazine
    NeoCon Innovation Award (Lightfalls for 3M)
    Contract Magazine
    Excellence in lighting Award (Vessel for 3M)
    HD Expo
    Product Innovations Award (Trea for Humanscale)
    HD Expo
    Product of the Year Finalist (Trea for Humanscale)
    Interior Design Magazine
    Product of the Year Finalist (Nest)
    Interior Design Magazine
    Best New Designer
    Product of the Year (T No. 1 for Fritz Hansen)
    Interior Design Magazine
    Lamp of the Year (Dome for Mater)
    Best New Brand
    I.D. Design Award
    ID Magazine
    UNESCO Design 21 Award
    Winnipeg Prize for Urban Development
    City of Winnipeg

    Select Speaking Engagements

    Yale School of Management
    Yale University, New Haven CT, 2019
    Speaker — Todd demonstrates how the role of design and how its integration into business is key to reach strategic differentiation.
    Fortune Magazine: Brainstorm Designs
    Singapore, SG, 2019
    Speaker — Hosted by Fortune Magazine, Todd presented his approach that integrates design into business to help businesses achieve Strategic Differentiation.
    World Summit on Innovation
    New York, USA, 2017
    Panel — Key innovation leaders discuss 'Business in the Age of Intelligence'
    SAP Next-Gen Innovation with Purpose
    New York, USA, 2017
    Panel — Academic thought leaders and researchers, startups, accelerators, venture firms, governments, and NGOs discuss innovating toward the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals
    Orgatec Shanghai
    Shanghai, China, 2014
    Keynote — Todd discusses his design process of 'Irreducible Complexity'
    NeoCon Keynote
    Chicago, USA, 2014
    Keynote — Todd is honored as keynote speaker at the contract industry's biggest stage
    'State of Design'
    New York, USA, 2012
    Interview — Todd Bracher & John Edelman, CEO of DWR discuss the state of design and the American market
    'The Home Front' at the Museum of Art & Design
    New York, USA, 2011
    Panel — Moderated by Interior Design magazine editor Annie Block, designers Dror Benshetrit and Todd Bracher join Pratt Institute Professor of Industrial Design Mark Goetz on how they navigated their own path to success.
    'Truth in Design' at ABC Home
    New York, USA, 2013
    Event — Inspired by nature’s process of natural selection, Bracher approaches Design in a unique way by building an ecosystem of values that results in a singular, essential solution. Structure and form are evolved rather than Designed.
    IIDA NY's Pioneering Design Lecture Series
    New York, USA, 2011
    Keynote — Todd Bracher opens the 2011 Pioneering Design Lecture Series on the 'Power of Design'
    Design Icons
    New York, USA, 2012
    Panel — Design Icons talk featuring Giulio Cappellini, Todd Bracher, Nendo, and Dror Benshetrit
    Norge Frokost TV
    Oslo, Norway, 2008
    Television — Featuring Todd's collaboration with Mater


    Our DNA Test

    We work with brands who share or strive to share our DNA.

    • Artful
    • Design Lead
    • Human-Centric
    • Intelligent
    • Obsession for Perfection
    • Responsible
    • Science Informed
    • Sustainably Minded
    • Kind

    Expert Approach

    A Global Network of Experts

    For each unique challenge, we engage relevant experts and collaboratively develop industry-leading, science-based design solutions that make a tangible difference to the customer and create strategic differentiation for our clients.

    Drawing on a global network of advisors in fields spanning human sciences, ethnography, materials, art, physics, and engineering, Todd Bracher Studio provides tailored design services for a diverse set of clients and industries.

    Our experts include:

    • Anthropologist
    • Architecture
    • Art Director
    • Biologist
    • Color Theorist
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Human Science
    • Materials
    • Mathematician
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Optical Physicist
    • Scientist
    • Poet