The Architect's Chandelier
Swarovski dabbled in the chandelier market for decades as a licensor. When they decided to build their own production facility and re-enter the market with original designs, they tasked Todd Bracher Studio with creating a flagship chandelier. We knew our design had to make a splash, quickly differentiating Swarovski from the rest of the marketplace and heralding a new era in the brand’s history.

Strandelier for Swarovski

Swarovski’s century-old story is the mastery of crystal. We immediately set about creating a structure that would honor that heritage with light, keeping all other distractions to a minimum. By making Swarovski crystal the star, we arrived at a truly contemporary chandelier for the architectural audience. Nothing is decorative on the Strandelier. Each individual crystal has pride of place, suspended along filigree-thin wires and reflecting the light hidden within variable-sized rings. The result is at once classic and futuristic: completely unlike any chandelier on the market.

Strandelier is made with only the materials essential to its construction. Because gravity creates its shape, Strandelier can pack flat and ship easily. The design is also easily adaptable across a wide range of sizes and configurations: a family of products produced with the same components. Strandelier is a bold statement, and it created the opportunity for Swarovski to define and relaunch their lighting brand.

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