Younger. Smarter. Faster.
Humanscale approached Todd Bracher studio with the desire to create a standout product for a rapidly changing market. Workers are getting younger, and their workspaces more open and adaptable. Our target was the new global worker fully aware of her work environment and tools. Technology has made these tools simpler, streamlined, intuitive — all while delivering better performance in a beautiful package. We looked to provide the same level of execution in a multipurpose chair.

Trea for Humanscale

We investigated how nature had solved the problem of integrated articulation and were inspired by the lobster shell: an exoskeleton that moves in harmony with the living organism it protects. By following the cues of this natural design, we arrived at a solution that perfectly responds to the body’s desire to move and recline, without knobs, dials, and levers: a groundbreaking “solid state” recline mechanism that adapts seamlessly and intuitively to sitters of all sizes.

The final product is a universal, multipurpose chair that speaks a design language at once modern and timeless. Available in three leg variants, a variety of finishes and colors, and an optional upholstered seat, Trea is a key part of Humanscale’s product offer in helping them position the brand at the forefront of intuitive design for the workplaces of the future.

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