Bringing a brand to the contempary
HBF has decades of experience and brand equity in producing lounge chairs with wood structure. Our challenge was to honor and capitalize on this heritage while bringing the lounge chair — and the brand — into today’s collaborative open office spaces.

Nest for HBF

We set about designing a system that brought a functional yet iconic language to the collaborative space. We knew it should look and feel different from traditional office lounge furniture, while speaking to HBF’s expertise in wood through the framing. The result is Nest: a collection comprising side chairs, tables, and a signature lounge chair. Nest is designed to enhance social connection and nurture collaboration while also acting as a landmark piece, repositioning HBF as a force in innovative office solutions.

More upright than a traditional lounge, and employing transparent mesh upholstery as a metaphor for the open space office plan, everything about the Nest chair’s appearance says “work” without sacrificing exceptional comfort. Nest’s wedge shape makes it particularly suitable for today’s offices, placing the sitter in an open spatial relationship with more than one co-worker. The mesh cradle offers substantial ancillary benefits: since the Nest lounge chair doesn’t rely on staples, foam, and glue for comfort, it’s lighter, faster, and more cost-efficient to produce.

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