An art piece commissioned by Zerofirst Gallery, Librilounge pays homage to traditional Japanese woodcraft and culture. Sofas are often used simply as a place to sit and read. Taking this idea to its logical extreme, we wondered if these functions could be combined into one essential object, offering commentary on the function-focused, material efficiency we associate with the best Japanese design.

Librilounge for Zerofirst

Librilounge is the physical embodiment of the universal concept of “relaxing with something to read.” The bold, expressive shape of Librilounge is serene but filled with quiet energy—the contrast between its confident, swooping line and underlying structure is meant to surprise and excite, even as it simply and honestly conveys its one intended purpose.

In foregoing cushioning, upholstery, and backing, Librilounge reduces the chaise concept to its most elemental form, celebrating the shape of the human body in recline and offering a favorite read where it’s most needed.

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  • ID Design Award
  • 21st Century Design Award