Giving Free Water to the World
Sodastream commissioned Todd Bracher Studio to create an innovative marketing platform: an inversion of the traditional vending machine concept that would deliver free water to the world. Working closely with Sodastream leadership, our design helped solidify a premium brand position, creating a beautiful object and experience for the public. Fountain is Sodastream’s first-ever public water machine, dispensing purified still and sparkling water, free of charge, in public spaces throughout the world.

Fountain for SodaStream

With its universal design language and iconography, Fountain can and will go anywhere in the world—from a sleek, modern airport to a traditional European train station. Fountain is unlike any other vending machine in that it’s beautiful enough to be placed front of house. Fountain is instantly recognizable as a beverage machine, but it’s been made slimmer and sleeker, to emphasize the health benefits of water and the environmental benefits of bottle reuse. Designed to stand the tests of time and travel, beautiful both indoors and outside, and available in black or white Corian© in addition to steel, Fountain’s relentlessly function-focused design makes it stand alone.

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