Innovation through simplicity
Herman Miller
Seeing a rapidly growing demand for small and medium business solutions, Herman Miller approached Todd Bracher Studio for a solution that would be adaptable to the shifting office setups and smaller technologies that typify modern workspaces. The result of our work is Distil: a solution engineered to serve new markets and small - to medium-sized offices. At home in a small office or dining space, and easily expandable for large communal workspaces, Distil is the realization of a desk refined to its essence.

Distil for Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s legacy is molded plywood, so we set about honoring that heritage in a way that solved for the challenges of weight, cost, and strength. Distil’s gently curved top adds strength and greatly diminishes the need for supporting material underneath the table — reducing cost and making the table easy to ship, lift, and move around — while also providing a uniquely comfortable pad for arms and hands. An additional storage module elegantly keeps power sources and wires nearby while hiding them beneath the surface. Distil tables ship flat, assemble in minutes, and easily link together for larger expanding offices.

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