Invisible Innovation
Horm engaged Todd Bracher Studio to create a groundbreaking product. The brand prides itself on a heritage of simplicity and innovation; our task was to honor and highlight those concepts while creating a new market position for Horm in an already-saturated space. For us, innovation means simplicity, taken to its logical conclusion. In radically simplifying the form of the table, we arrived at a decidedly new, unique approach.

Canard for Horm

Canard is a table system with almost no visible structure - its supports are completely hidden inside the surface. Simple, folded sheet metal leaves wrap the tabletop at each corner, creating structural integrity and a streamlined appearance. But the real magic is hidden within the tabletop, where a corrugated material efficiently supports the span with a minimum of materials, evenly distributing the table’s weight over its length. Because the table doesn’t rely on support beams or extraneous legs, it can be easily produced at a nearly infinite number of custom sizes—a completely unique product and a completely unique market opportunity for Horm.

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